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DISCOVER PURE RELAXATION AND ULTIMATE BLISS. The intimate Lomana Spa and Wellness Centre at Nanuku is a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our Fiji spa treatments incorporate fresh local ingredients and ancient methods of massage passed down through generations. Treatments are infused with the essence of Fiji, leaving you with a sense of warmth and wellbeing. Our highly skilled spa therapists will help guide your choice of treatments from our special spa menu.

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Reserve Your Stay


yogaStrike the perfect balance between pure leisure and structured physical activity at our luxury Fiji resort and spa. Our state-of-the-art fitness center is supplemented by daily complimentary yoga classes, which draw on a combination of disciplines for all experience levels. Personal trainers are also available to suit your individual needs.

Nanuku Fiji - Fiji Luxury Spa - Auberge Resorts


Nanuku’s Pure Fiji bath and body products evoke the unique sensory experience of Fiji and revitalize sun-kissed skin. For centuries South Pacific and Fiji islanders have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturize and beautify. These in-room bath and body products are sure to cleanse, nourish and awake the mind and body.


Nanuku Fiji - Fiji Luxury Spa - Auberge Resorts

Fijian Bobo Massage
60/90 minutes
This traditional healing massage passed down through the Fijian generations combines medium and firm pressure to promote circulation and restore well being.

Royal Coconut Milk and Honey Firming Ritual
90 minutes
A hydrating coconut sugar exfoliation begins your ritual followed by a warm stone massage with coconut milk and honey body butter. A deeply relaxing Fijian scalp treatment with milk and honey conclude this delightful treatment leaving you soothed and replenished. Pure bliss!

Nanuku Anti-Aging Facial Treatment
60/90 minutes
High performance serum, antiaging booster dilo oil and beech almond hydrosol come together in this deluxe facial to restore a youthful tone and strengthen skin elasticity. A hand, foot and scalp massage provide the perfect relaxation to this firming and restorative facial.



Asana Yoga
Balance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit with posture, breathing and yoga relaxation techniques.

Pranayama (add-on breathing technique)
Pranayama utilizes breathing to influence the flow of ‘prana’ vital energy in the ‘nadis’ or energy channels of our body.

Meditation helps focus and quiet your mind, taking you to a higher level of awareness and inner calm.

A Japanese healing art performed by placing hands on key points of the body, ‘Reiki’ is recommended for those seeking relaxation, stress reduction and healing.